Mid-Day Mumbai reviewed my first e-book and they called it the “new Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Makes me so happy!!! Thank you.




A sampling from “In Conversation with Exceptional Women” includes:

  • Ruth Reichl, former Editor in Chief of Gourmet and former restaurant critic of The New York Times: “I wish I’d known that there is a huge hunger out there for good writing, and you can start at the top. Find a good story, write the hell out of it and send it to the best outlets you can think of.”
  • Susan Orlean, New Yorker writer and book author on her road to success: “Luck, perseverance, and conviction. I knew what I wanted, and that guided me along.”
  • Dorie Greenspan, best-selling cookbook author and winner of several James Beard Foundation awards: “Be open to change. Things rarely go according to plans or wishes, and so often the twists and turns that pop up along the way bring something wonderful –be ready to follow them.”
  • Lynne Rosetto Kasper, host of American Public Radio’s “Splendid Table”: “Everyone has tough days, and when there is a lot going on, the best thing you can do is to take a break. Turn off the switch in your head – go for a walk, go to the museum, distract yourself any way you can. When you come back you will feel refreshed and ready to take on your problems.”
  • Kim Severson, The New York Times, food writer and Bureau chief Atlanta:“Imagine if the story you have in mind would be something you would want to tell someone else about. If it holds your interest, it will probably interest a reader.”

This motivating e-book is a perfect guide for anyone embarking on life’s larger path.

Book is available on Amazon and B&N. Priced at $4.99. The BN and Sony stores will carry the book in a month or so.

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  1. You know I read your blog pretty regularly, but I totally missed that you had a book coming out! I’ll keep an eye out for it at Barnes and Noble! Congratulations on the great review

  2. Congrats Monica…It is indeed chicken soup for my soul…what a handiwork !

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