So delighted to share that my brand new book, A Life of Spice, releases on April 27th, 2015. It is a collection of new and published food essays.. all very close to my heart! The book features photography by the amazingly talented photographer Simi Jois. It is priced at a very reasonable $3.99

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So what is this book about?

In A Life of Spice celebrated writer Monica Bhide explores her romance with food. As in any romance, there are moments of great heartache and unbelievable happiness; betrayals and breakups; and, of course, intimacy. The essays in this book show how food affects all the areas of our lives: family, friends, love, culture, faith, and more. They capture the delights of cooking as wooing and of food as nurturer, and the sadness of the heartbreak kitchen. This collection of powerful and thought-provoking vignettes makes us examine our relationship with food deeply—and what food really means to us. A Life of Spicegives readers a front-row view—and deliciously stolen peeks behind the curtain—into those choice moments that define a lifetime.

Celebrating the powerful memories of food that bind us all together, A Life of Spicefeatures essays that first appeared on Monica’s blog and in national and international publications, as well as new, never-before-read tales of family and food.

Want to know what people are saying about the book? Here are a few thoughts.. 

“Monica writes stories about food, but often they are really stories about searching. She looks for what the world will reveal if you ask questions of the things we usually keep silent. She’s a generous writer, seeking the finer, richer sides of us.” — Francis Lam, editor-at-large, Clarkson Potter, and New York Times Magazine columnist

“Monica Bhide is more than a food writer. She’s a chronicler of culture and family history. She is a romantic for the bond between parent and child. She is an essayist of her own heart and mind, fearlessly searching for the truth in both. She is endlessly fascinating to read.” — Tim Carman, James Beard Award–winning food writer for The Washington Post 

“Monica’s stories take us on a journey through time, across continents and cultures. With her we fast and feast for love, we share the wonder of fairy tales with a child, we feel the longing for a lost homeland, we delight in culinary discoveries, and we find our own identity in a new land. Throughout Monica reminds us that the essence of food is love—love for our family, our history, our humanity.” — Elise Bauer, Creator of

 “Monica Bhide’s unbridled devotion to food, words, family, and history is crystal clear in this delicious collection. Whatever Monica’s subject —her father as a young boy, the connection between her family and their mouthwatering food, or the importance of saving recipes—she writes with warmth, a keen eye, and an open and abundant heart.” —Elissa Altman, author of Poor Man’s Feast

“Monica Bhide weaves magical spells with her words. Brilliantly describing cuisines and stories that echo the chimes of a far away land while somehow simultaneously making one feel as if they are in her very backyard. Monica is magician with both words and food.”

Chef Maneet Chauhan, judge on Food Network’s Chopped


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