I recently received samples of Neuro. The creator of these drinks, which are basically dietary supplements, Diana Jenkins, developed Neuro along with a team of nutritionists and scientists. These drinks do not contain added artificial colors and flavors. As per the information on their site, “Each drink is specially formulated to enhance and support a variety of cognitive functions and includes clinically validated functional dietary ingredients.” The company sent me a lot of information on why these drinks are good for you and you can read that here.

I tried them and liked them. So, I decided to give away of box of these drinks so see what you all thought! One reader will win the whole box. You have to have a US address to enter this giveaway. Tell me why you want to win it! A winner will be selected on August 17th.

Here is the full line up:

Here is what you will get. One box of the Neuro collection of 24/7 wellness drinks. Each drink contains only 35 calories per bottle. Every beautifully shaped Neuro bottle is fully recyclable (per the information on the company’s website)* Here is what you will receive:

· NeuroSonic: Increases mental alertness and concentration
· NeuroSleep: Promotes restful sleep with Melatonin
· NeuroSun: Provides all of your daily dose of vitamin D (1,000 IUs) without the harmful rays of the sun
· NeuroBliss: Promotes happiness while helping to eliminate stress
· NeuroTrim: Promotes weight loss with a unique fiber ingredient that makes you feel full
· NeuroGasm: Stimulates blood flow to the body

(*Neuro is responsible for all the dietary claims about the drink).

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  1. Very interesting! I would love to try them .. especially when you say that they do not have any artificial ingreadients and see if they really help what they are intended to. You say that it tastes good, what are the flavors like?

  2. The NeuroGasm sounds very inviting….hmm, would love to try it!

  3. The NeourGasm sounds very interesting …. hmm, would love to try it!

  4. I could definately use the sonic and sleep ones…
    Very interesting concept….

  5. Oh no! I missed the deadline! Oh well. They look interesting. I’m curious about the flavors as well.

  6. I am always looking for a drink that doesn’t have a lot of calories but tastes good. Most of the time I just end up with plain old water.

  7. Tanvi wins! Please email me your details. Sorry for the delay in responding but I have been away.

  8. I have seen these in magazines, a few gas stations!, and the kardashians have had them on their shows! I’ve been researching them like crazy and finding out how cool and wonderful they are! I would really really love to try them!! They sound so helpful and amzing to my everyday life!!

  9. I work at a store that sells these drinks and I have always been curious about them. I finally tried the sleep and it works well. I have insomnia and it would take an elephant tranquilizer some days to knock me out but, this product helped. I was impressed.

  10. I found the neuro trim love the taste but it is hard to find in my area is there a place in my zip code that has this 48659

  11. I tried a few of these at work over the past week and I love them! The light carbonation is such a nice touch & it’s much better than vitamin water because of that! I’ve been trying to ditch soda, and this is a nice sub. 🙂

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