WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!! Allison picked – THE NOVELISTA – and the winner is Diana Burrell!!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Let's have some fun! I have designed a cocktail in honor of my friend and NY TImes Best Selling author, Allison Winn Scotch. All you have to do is name the drink in her honor and post the name here in the comments section . Enter as many times as you like.

Next Monday we will pick a winner who will get a personally autographed copy of her book "Time of my Life."

Some tips – Go to her website and learn a little about her and her work so that you can have some insider information before coming up with a name! Allison's decision will be final!

Ready, set, drink (responsibly, please!).

Here is the recipe and the photo –

Drink 2

Drink X

1 ounce Licour 43

2 ounces Banana vodka

1 ounce triple sec

Lemon slice for garnish

Add ice to cocktail shaker. Add all the ingredients. Shake and pour in a cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice of lemon.


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  2. 4 entries —
    1. wry rye
    2. Jillian’s elixer
    3. the banana one
    4. Henry’s hallucination

  3. Banana Allitini

  4. 1. A Funny Spice of Upside Down.

    2. Citric Restart.

    3. Banilla Vanana.

  5. 1. the Novelista

    2. the Plot Twist

    3. Mom’s Little Deadline Chaser

  6. Add to that 4. The Deadline Chaser

  7. Oceanic Musa

  8. Suggestions: Write on, 43 Peel, Philly Girl, Best Seller, Published Passion, Hop Scotch.

  9. What a great name! Congrats, Diana! I’ll definitely have to try this one, Monica:)

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