I adore Mumbai, always have. So when I was asked to pen a story about the food from this amazing city, I was beyond thrilled. I interviewed some amazing folks like Vikram Doctor, Rashmi Uday Singh and Sanjeev Kapoor for this story. I hope you will take a minute to read it. Can I just say that this is one of the most beautifully laid out stories EVER!! The art team at Four Seasons did an amazing job. I hope you will agree.

Please do read and give me your feedback. I eagerly await it!

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  1. this article sent me on a flavorful culinary ride ! love it 🙂 feeling nostalgic …..theobroma had a white chocolate vodka green chilli mousse cake which was unique, don’t know if they still have it. also love paris bakery (marine lines) they give samples to taste , nice of them ! garlic breadsticks & mawa cake are my favorites from there

  2. Outstanding, Monica! Too bad they didn’t mention Modern Spice as well in your byline.


  3. You just took me back home with this article..
    How Beautiful!!!!
    Love it!!

  4. What a beautiful story and photos. I very much want to visit India one day, especially to eat her many foods.

  5. This article made me miss my home city something fierce. You had me at vada pav. I grew up in Dadar and those were often something we had after classes in the area. The Irani cafes, the Parsi food…I feel like getting on the next plane to Bombay. Thanks for this. It’s beautiful.

  6. Beautiful piece. I never doubted it was wonderful, even before I read it. And now, after reading, I.AM. INSPIRED. Again.
    Thanks for sharing, Monica!

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