I am so honored and so pleased to announce that my essay, Does a recipe need to be complicated to be good, was selected for BEST FOOD WRITING 2010.  It really says something when a blog post is worthy of being included in a such an esteemed collection! 

I got a copy of the book in my hands.  I am going to be honest at the risk of sounding really cheesy. I held it close and yes, I cried. This is my third time in this series and it feels like the first time. As I flip through the pages, I see I bylines  - Todd Kliman, Tim Carman, Jane Black, David Leite, Kim Severson… all the writers whom I so admire. I feel very blessed and, honestly, like bit like a little kid who was just given the keys to the candy store. I cannot wait to read this amazing collection. Holly Hughes does it again!

Order your copy here —at Amazon or here at Barnes and Noble. 

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