I am partnering, once again,  with artisan chocolate maker Co Co Sala to bring forth my own line of luxury spiced chocolates for Mother’s Day. These are artisan chocolates seasoned with flowers (like Cherry Blossom and Jasmine) and spiced with curry and jaggery (cane sugar). We are calling this collection of bon bons: Sweet Interruptions! Why? They are meant for the person you interrupt or interrupted the most 🙂 just as my kids do with me!
You can buy the chocolates online but at this point the store cannot guarantee Mother’s Day delivery. The best thing is to buy them at the Co Co Sala Boutique in DC or at Union Market.

The chocolates will be on sale for six days via a online via Co Co Sala directly. They will cost $40 a box of 16 (plus shipping and handling) and $20 for a box of 8 (Plus shipping and handling). I can promise you that the taste is truly amazing with the spices balancing out the creaminess of the chocolate.

These are limited edition, limited time chocolates.  The days the sale will be on: May 1- 6. This allows enough time for the chocolates to be shipped to reach in time for Mother’s Day to anywhere in the US.
PS — Our Valentine’s Day collection sold out in 36 hours and we received amazing press from the WSJ online, Washington Post, Yahoo, Washington Post express, Miami Herald and many other newspapers and websites. You can see those reviews here
I hope you will order some for your mom!! I would love, love, love your support in my new venture.

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  1. I blew my husband away with the Valentines Day chocolates. The packaging was quite elegant as well. Thanks for doing it again!

  2. Monica! These “Indian Spiced” Chocolates sound delicious! Can’t wait to try them 🙂

  3. Michael Corrigan

    Monica…congrats on this new venture. I will be ordering knowing that whatever your involvement, it must be goooood!

  4. Ciao! Vorrei solo dire un grazie enorme per le informazioni che avete condiviso in questo blog! Di sicuro’ diverro’ un vostro fa accanito!

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