I am so pleased to share with you the next recipe in my series: Monica’s Indian Express: Simple & Sassy Weeknight Dishes.

This dish celebrates summer! It is yours to make as you like. I am just here for providing you with some thoughts and baselines… oh, and of course, spice!

I have made this dish for parties and it is always a hit. You can layer it with the fruits of your choice. Each layer needs a fruit and a spice or herb combination. This really wakes up the fruits and makes them rock!

So here is what I did –

1. Bottom layer is guava with a touch of sugar and ginger juice (peeled grated ginger squeezed)

2. Next up is strawberry.. it is diced and paired with mint.

3. Avocados are next. I paired them with lime juice and Chaat Masala. If you dont know what chaat masala is, you need to. It is a magnificent savory spice mix that really wakes up flavors in fruits.

4. My last layer of fruit is fresh mangoes and I spiked them with a touch of saffron. A touch.

I topped it all with crispy sev.. they are thin crisp noodles.. these are gramflour noodles that add a crunch. You can use it for this dish and also as a snack.. forget potato chips, these crunchy babies are amazing!

Choose your choice of fruits and spices and remember that the spices should be used with a very, very light hand. You dont want them to overpower the fruits but to let.

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