Bloggers from around the world participated in the Modern Spice Potluck – they basically cooked the book! From drinks to appetizers to desserts, they cooked, photographed and blogged about their experience. You can read their brief quotes here and then click on their names to be transported to their amazing sites for more details about their experiences cooking and eating from Modern Spice.


Pomegranate Delight –Elissa Pomegranate Delight   “My reward for dinner well-made: Pomegranate Delight, with white rum. “ Elissa Altman, 

Indian Chicken WingsDeepaRajpal - Chicken WingsThe recipe is a brilliant twist to the great American classic, where Monica uses a cream marinade, instead of a yogurt-based marinade which is conventionally used in Indian cooking. Be forewarned, the marinade is so good & irresistible on its own, that you can almost serve it as a tangy dip! Indian Chicken Wings is a keeper of a recipe,  so well worth stocking up spice jars for." Deeba Rajpal

Pan fried Zucchini with cuminSue Dickman - zuchinni “I made the pan-fried zucchini and yellow squash with cumin, and it was easy, tasty and adaptable, not to mention healthy.  I think it would be lovely with fish or chicken or as part of a larger vegetarian meal.  Now that I've made it once according to the recipe, I'm looking forward to playing with it–trying it with mustard seeds, for example, or adding some onion and garlic.  It's lovely as is, though, and a great way to use summer vegetables (especially if you were overenthusiastic in your zucchini planting).” Sue Dickman

Mini Savory Cheesecakes with Tomatillo Chutney  Sarah Cheesecake2 Monica's recipes in her new cookbook, "Modern Spice", are imaginative and tasty. The delicious blend of spices used will expand your understanding of "Indian flavors." Sarah Leaf-Herrmann, Director, Martha's Vineyard Food & Wine Festival. 


Mussels Stew – ApolinaFos - Mussels  "Indian Curry Leaves & Belgian Mussels (Bombay & Brussels) – Apolina Fos,

Rice pudding and mango parfait – Chrisse - Rice Pudding The first thing I would advise is to change the recipe! That sounds like the start of a review of a bad recipe… but read on. The change that I would advise is to double the quantity of this delicious confection. Monica suggests that this dish would be enough for 6 people but three of us sampled this rice pudding… and we sampled it again, and we all agreed that it’s a winner. All your guests will want a second helping of this fragrant and creamy dessert – a cool version of the more traditional pudding and, in my humble opinion, an improvement. The mango adds an interesting texture and freshness but if you are not a lover of mango then this dish would work equally well with soft fruits and berries or apple purée. Bananas turn this dessert into comfort-food heaven.” Chrissie Walker,



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