Bloggers from around the world participated in the Modern Spice Potluck – they basically cooked the book! From drinks to appetizers to desserts, they cooked, photographed and blogged about their experience. You can read their brief quotes here and then click on their names to be transported to their amazing sites for more details about their experiences cooking and eating from Modern Spice.


TamaritaLisawatermangray - tamarita “I had no idea what taste to expect when Monica asked me to create the tamarita from her cookbook. What I got was a great margarita with a great combination of sour and spiciness, that also tasted highly refreshing. It's something I know we'll make again and again.” Lisa waterman gray

Indian Chicken wings –  Pat- Indian Chicken WingsOne of my favorite childhood snacks was chicken wings—baked, broiled or fried, it didn’t matter—and I was very fond of chewing on the wing tips! I jumped at the chance to try these spiced wings. Despite the long list of herbs and spices ranging from cumin to turmeric, all the flavors were in harmony and none too overpowering. Instead of broiling the wings, I grilled them, resulting in juicy chicken wings redolent of a spice bazaar.Pat Tanumihardja

Beetroot Salad with Yogurt – Chrisse - Beetroot  “This is a revelation. We Northern Europeans are familiar with beetroot pickled in mouth-puckering vinegar but Monica Bhide presents us with a dish that is both sweet and zesty, light and delicious. The tang of ginger makes a surprisingly good marriage with the yogurt and vegetables. Don’t be tempted to mix the dressing too thoroughly with the beets. A drizzle will give you a striking plate of crisp white, powder pink and rich red.” Chrissie Walker,

Brussell sprouts leeks and curry leaves – Amy Rea - Brussel Sprouts  “I knew I had to try this after I read Monica’s header about trying Brussels sprouts just to find out why people don’t like them. I grew up hating them and it’s only been in recent years, when I learned to roast rather than boil them, that I’ve become fond of them. (Much to my husband’s joy, since he loves them and hardly ever got them before I figured out the roasting secret.) Braised with leeks and seasonings sounded intriguing. It was an easy dish to make, smelled delightful while cooking, and the taste? Oh, my. I guess I now have two methods of cooking Brussels sprouts that I can fully endorse. My husband thanks you, Monica.” Amy Rea.

Monica’s Fish Curry – Ursuala - Fish CurryThis is Monica’s signature dish, and I can understand why. The fish curry is tomato based, which makes it light and refreshing. Turmeric adds a bright yellow hue but also gives a sharp and earthy flavor. The black mustard seeds add a delightful texture and pop when you bite into them. The fish curry is aromatic, with a subtle kick. I always associate curries with winter, and being heavy. Not in this case, the flavor combination that Monica creates is a burst of summer. Serve with your favorite white wine. We chose Sancerre.”  Ursula Ayrout  

Saffron Cardamom Macaroons – Naptimechef - Coconut Macaroons  “"Monica Bhide's Saffron-Cardamom macaroons have it all, they are chic enough for a dinner party, humble enough to serve at home, and absolutely delicious.  Unlike most garden variety macaroon flavors, such as almond or chocolate, these are made with an unexpected blend of spices which are perfect for tempering the sweetness from the coconut and condensed milk. The resulting flavor is unlike anything else I have ever tasted, all at once the macaroons are sweet and flaky from the coconut, with warm undertones of nutty cardamom and floral saffron. I'll admit, I did make one small addition to the ingredients list by adding a dash of cinnamon, it is my favorite spice." Kelsey B

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