I never ever thought I would be in such close proximity to the Goddess of all Things Gorgeous! But check out this amazing story in India Today’s MAIL TODAY by Sourish Bhattacharya! I am over the moon. Oh, my!!! Click to read: Mistresses of Spice .

Excerpt from the column:

“The two women – the mistresses of spice – have become the most visible brand ambassadors of Indian food in their adopted land. The techie – after writing cookbooks (her latest is Modern Spice) and stories for food magazines, and conducting online cookery classes on her website (www. monicabhide. com) – has launched an iPhone/ iPad/ iTouch application called iSPICE that you can download for $1.99 a pop. (Updated price is $2.99)

It’s like a one- stop information shop that lets you get the dope on spices (from everyday ingredients such as cumin and rosemary to the more complex ones like berbere and zhoug ) with descriptions written in Bhide’s breezy style, reliable recipes, striking pictures, links to YouTube videos and addresses of places where you can buy them in the US. For centuries, the world has come to India to take away our spices; Bhide has just reversed the flow: she has taken our spices to the world, replacing the high seas with the trade route of the new decade.”

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  1. Monica, what an honor and an apt description of your work, bringing Indian spices to the world! I’m very happy for you!

  2. Woo hoo! That’s fantastic, Monica, congratulations!

  3. What a great story and you certainly deserve the accolades. I would love to get your iSPICE app. When will it be available for the DROID?

    1. Thanks, Diane! I really appreciate the kind words. No news on the Driod yet but soon I hope!

  4. Congratulation Monica,
    How aptly said “You have indeed taken the spices to the world” !! . It is a honour to indian women like yourself who represent the culinary art of indian food to the world.

    I am looking forward to the andriod version of iSpice : )

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