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  1. Hey everybody!
    I pinged Monica for permission to share this offer with you: I’m pretty sure everyone here would love to spend less for a great experience in a great city, which is why you might be interested in LivingSocial. Every day, LivingSocial will offer an amazing deal (we’re talking up-to-90%-off amazing) for local restaurants, bars, spas, theaters, and more.

    The thing is, people generally don’t like to go to these things by themselves…and now you won’t have to! Mark your calendars, cause next Wednesday, July 28th, when you buy the deal for Potomac Pizza in DC with your Visa card, you score a free deal for your friend!

    Don’t miss out:

    Wilson Liang
    Visa Outreach Team

  2. Much enjoyed the interview Monica and all your food writing in general.

  3. Congradulation Monika. I appreciate your hard works.
    I love your blog…

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