So I have to admit that I am love to eat lamb, chicken and fish but when someone like Joe Yonan writes a book about vegetables, even meat-lovers like me have to take a serious look. And, I have to say, that I am glad I did. What a treasure! Eat Your Vegetables is NOT what I was expecting. I don’t usually go ga-ga over vegetarian cookbooks. Don’t get me wrong, I love eggplants and okra just as much as the next gal but most vegetarian cookbooks (there are exceptions) focus on the same old BORING recipes again and again.. just with prettier pictures each time.

But, no, not this book. Eat Your Vegetables made me take another look at the vegetables in my life (!) and how I was using them. The first recipe I read and fell in love with was Kimchi Deviled Eggs. See what I mean now? How many vegetarian cookbooks have a recipe like this? It is bold and exciting and just so very delicious. I had some Kimchi in the fridge that I had purchased from the FRESHFARM market at the White House and the recipe could not have been easier. I actually made it and ate it all in one sitting. Yep, did not leave a single one for my husband or my kids.

Another recipe that I tried (and yes, this one I shared) was the marinated and baked tofu. This has become quite a hit in our house. The tofu is marinated in a superb marinade of ginger, sesame oil, Sriracha (need I say more?) and other ingredients. It is simple terrific and you should buy the book to get the recipe. Trust me on this, it is worth every penny.

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