I think I get at least 10 letters a week if not more from people who say they love food. The letters are usually long and detail their love of food, their childhood dreams of cooking, of traveling to see the food culture of the world. Some letters are emotional, some are business-like, some letters make me cry, some make me smile. They all have one thing in common: all these  and would like to do “something in the food industry.” The question is WHAT.. how do you combine your love of food with a job that actually pays the mortgage?

Well, now there is a book that answers that very question Great Food Jobs 2 by Irena Chalmers. This wonderful book actually focuses on various food jobs for people who love food. Irena, an author of over 50 books that have sold 18 million copies, knows a thing or two about this industry and shares terrific insights in the book. The jobs span the spectrum from a line cook to a tour guide to a writer to a store owner to a literary agent. What I loved most about the book, other than the descriptions of each job and what it entails, is Irena’s colorful and insightful commentary that runs throughout the book.

I am going to make this mandatory reading for my writing classes. Such a useful book!

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  1. What a great book to have! I’m sure it will be a keeper for everyone who loves to work in the food industry. Thanks for sharing. Buying it!

  2. What a great resource – thanks for letting us know it’s out there!

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