I enjoy reading Su-Mei Yu because she writes things like, “The perfume released from galangal reminds me of the warm and fresh scent in the air after a heavy downpour of monsoon.”

That makes me want to run in the kitchen and cook with galangal, so I interviewed her about it. And when I did, the wet-weather metaphors continued. “Sliver a tablespoon or two of young galangal into matchsticks and add to your salad," she suggested. "It is like sprinkling a bit of a rain shower over it as it magically perks up other ingredients by sharpening their tastes and flavors."

Read my piece on galangal and check out Su-Mei Yu's glorious glazed pear with lemongrass galangal syrup recipe. It is a perfect dessert.


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  1. I love her book “Cracking the Coconut”. It’s almost as much food anthropology as it is a cookbook. Very informative.

  2. That makes me want to run and get some galangal, pronto!

  3. wow this looks so good. i love Galangal

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