My dear readers – My fellow cookbook authors, talented chefs and dear friends Jennifer Farley and Domenica Marchetti have been kind enough to put together this campaign to help me create a book to help caregivers in their time of need. I never thought this would be a book I would write but, now, how can I not?

A big thank you to my talented friend and photographer, Simi Jois, for the image used here.

Inspiration Through Tragedy 

From Monica: “Today as I stand here at one of the most difficult points in my life, I am reminded of what my father has always said: to look at the problem in front of me and try to see the good in it—that is, to make the obstacle my message, to look at my path and know that these obstacles are not stumbling blocks but that they are the path.

“Staying true to that philosophy, I have decided to take the very difficult situation I am in and see how I can use it to help others. I have decided to write a book, an interactive journal to help families and primary caregivers in the ICU and in hospitals so that they may benefit from my experience. This interactive journal will be filled with inspiring and thought-provoking stories of what happened with us, how we managed our emotions and found meaning in the most impossible moments. It will also have sections for people to write down thoughts and feelings during their own difficult time. The book will become a keepsake; each person who writes in it will make the book their own.”

If you would be willing to support this book project please click here and do share with your friends.

My husband, of 24 years, is the love of my life – May I request you all to please continue to pray for his healing and health. (this photo of us was taken by Lucy Schaffer a few years ago)

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