Spice Xing – New kid on the block

With a beautiful open dining room accented with a vivid turquoise wall, ceilings draped in billowing golden fabrics, a spectacular large bar and a wall showcasing Indian spices,  Spice Xing is an inviting new eatery. At the helm in the kitchen is Chef Sudhir Seth, his fans including I, know him well from his other restaurant Passage to India.  In comparison, Spice Xing has a much more casual feel and is much bigger. But the one thing that is the same is the quality of cuisine being served here.Spice Xing The menu promises – popular Indian fare, and Indian dishes that have been influenced by “the British, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and French either during commercial trading relations or during extended periods of domination by these foreign cultures.” And the chef delivers with much aplomb –  a simple yet stunning Lamb Ishtoo "Stew", a typical Delhi snack – Bread pakora (bread slices in gramflour batter that are deep fried),  a gentle pea and corn gratin (served typically in western India with a pineapple slice on top).  The breads come out pipping hot. And if you see the chef walking around, be sure to grab him for a quick hello. His charm adds just the right spice to Spice Xing.

Spice Xing
100 Unit B
Gibbs Street
Rockville MD 20850
Tel : 301 610 0303
Email : spicexing@comcast.net


Bombay Bistro  View this photo  celebrating 18 years

The ever charming Bombay Bistro in Rockville always reminds me of eating at the home of a good friend.  The well-lit eatery just got a paint job and is looking younger and refreshed! Beautiful Indian artifacts frame the top of the open kitchen. The staff, appear to have been there forever and also seem to know their loyal  customers well. Well, this month, the charming eatery celebrates 18 years and they are offering superb specials this month and through out the month of April. I really enjoy their reasonably priced lunch buffet which offers a varying choices but a superb spiced fish and a luscious chicken curry.

98 W Montgomery Ave
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 762-8798
Get directions  

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  1. Indian cuisine is most sought after and same was noticed during one of my overseas visits to UK that all restaurants were named after Indian names and this was irrespective of the nationality running the said restaurant. This may be due to the fact that Indian name rocks and thus investment in Indian stock market is rising at an exponential pace.


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