Sadia_cooks_for_us_our_table When you travel to a place you’re unfamiliar with, do you depend on friends, family, and others in the know for restaurant recommendations? Or are you the type of person who spends hours searching the web for those secret spots? Which method works better?

That is the question I wanted to answer on a recent trip to Delhi, India. I hadn’t been in four years and I was really looking forward to eating with my family who still lives there. Before the trip, I shared with my father a few new places I found with a quick Google search and was anxious for him to try them with me. He immediately retorted "Google’s got nothing on me. I can do a Delhi_potato_chaatbetter job. Delhi has so much that you will never find online—the street vendors, tiny mom-pop restaurants."

So we began a contest.. who could design a better culinary tour of foods that define Delhi and here is what we came up with —

BLOG POST 1 – The rules of the contest on "How to Dine in Delhi"

BLOG POST 2-  Dad is up first with his dining picks. 

BLOG POST 3- Google and I take a turn. 

BLOG POST 4 – See who won the contest!

Bukhara_kebabs Bukhara_menu Chinese_chaat  P1010035 P1010063 P1010205 


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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog through and I was so surprised because I have loved Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni’s writing for years as well!!! Sister of my Heart was the first book I read by her back in high school and I was hooked. I have wanted to travel to India ever since and I just am enchanted by her gorgeous descriptions. Have you seen the movie they made of Mistress of Spices? I haven’t seen it because I didn’t think a movie would be able to do the book justice but let me know if it was good because then I will make a point to see it! Thank you for sharing the interview with such a fabulous author!!

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