LISTEN:  A Taste of the Past – Episode 88 – Monica Bhide

First Aired – 01/26/2012 12:00PM

A couple of weeks ago,  A Taste of the Past host Linda Pelaccio talked with me about  cooking and writing, her views on authenticity and Indian cooking, as well as where she sees the realm of digital publishing heading.

“It really raises the question of what is real cooking and what is real food. And, to me, anything that is prepared with love and that is intended to nurture the people that it’s prepared for is real cooking.”

–Monica Bhide on A Taste of the Past

LISTEN: A Taste of the Past – Episode 88 – Monica Bhide

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  1. Just enjoyed listening to Linda Pelaccio’s interesting interview with Monica on her (Linda’s) Taste of the Past radio show. How nice to hear Monica’s voice. We, of course, have many opportunities to hear her “voice” through her writing, but hearing her speak in this interview was a delight. I encourage others who enjoy her blog to listen to this interview.

    Pelaccio turns the tables on Monica and asks her what she reaches for at midnight when she’s in the mood for a snack. You’ll have to listen to the interview to learn Monica’s answer. Oh, and you’ll also learn why the cover of In Conversation with Exceptional Women was chosen. I thought it was just a beautiful flower. It is that, but it’s much more.

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