I am so happy that spring is here! I love the colors, the smell of the fresh air and of course, all the lovelies that start to show up at the farmer's market ( talking vegetables and fruits, folks, so please dont go anywhere else!)

This month, I am talking about using green garlic in the April issue of Vegetarian Times. 

Do you use it? Tell me how. What is your favorite recipe?

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  1. I love using green garlic anywhere chives or green onions would be used, just for that subtle flavor. I’m supposed to start getting Vegetarian Times soon – hopefully it’ll be this month!

  2. I learned to use green garlic when I lived in Nepal for three years. Now when I plant garlic in the fall, I designate the smaller cloves for my green garlic bed. It’s odd that Americans don’t cook more with this wonderful herb. I use it the same way I use scallions (salads, sauteed spring greens), but love the subtle differences. It’s especially good in Nepali dishes like aluko achar (Nepali potato salad).

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