Love coffee? Read my interview with Michaele Weismann, author of God in a Cup on Post comments here – I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Great article, Monica, although I’m not sure what the author has against percolators. I use a stove top Italian style cafetiera for my morning espresso and love it. Waiting for the “whoosh” is half the fun.

  2. Coffee is a big culture in the west.
    I know I have entered america when at the N.Y or CHICAGO airport the armoa of coffee is wafting and it feels good with the crisp cool air and “HISS of expresso coffee bars in the Airport lounge.
    In india we are a chai people.But regular coffee parlours have become a rage in metro towns.
    For me a good cup of coffee still remains,a teaspoon of nescafe or bru in big cup,spooning in little hot water in the cup, shaking and then again adding hot water,a sugar cube and then presto,HOT black coffee ready to be gulped.

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