Last month I told you about my wonderful partnership with FRESHFARM markets. I visited the Dupont Circle market made Mango Lassi and other deliciousrecipes using yogurt found at the market. This week, we are visiting a different market, the H Street market. The tiny market is filled with summer squashes and even has stalls selling freshly baked breads and relishes.

Oh, the relish. So I talked to the folks at McCauley’s Relish. The owner, a sweet young man named William, told me how he and his father perfected this roasted pepper relish.

They offer a milder and a spicy version. No prizes for guessing which one I purchased. This is the first market that they are selling at and I am thrilled I was able to go out and support them.

While eating the relish on a cracker was perfectly fine, when I got the bottle home, I made deviled eggs seasoned with the relish and also used it as a way to top plain omelets.

Hope you get to go to H Street and try this wonderful product that I am just enjoying so much. (Oh, I think we paid $12 a jar. totally worth it)

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