One of the things that fascinates me about India is God. India is a religious country with many religions and of course many, many, MANY Gods. What fascinates me is where you find idols, photos and prayer altars. You will find God inside old pillars, in auto-rickshaws, in temples (of course), on trees, in the water, in exhibitions and on roads. And one even has His own line of food! I just love these photos- you will see Lord Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesha, mosques, Sikh Temples, Jesus on the cross and so much more…. so here you go – FINDING GOD.

(Clearly, I need a few more to round out this collection. IF you have some you can share, email me!)

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  1. The hanuman you could not place I think was in Bangalore… in the vicinity of the outer ring road.. en route to Koramangala!

  2. BTW, on your next trip…I highly recommend a trip down to tirunelveli in south India..the Krishnapuram temple has the most exquisite carvings, they’ll blow your mind..

  3. This is so moving and beautiful and fascinating and delightful and profound and worthy and inspiring. Ten thousand thanks.

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