Friends – I am so honored to be a finalist in the “Culinary Essay” category of SAVEUR’s Best Food Blog Awards 2011. I hope you will check out all the entrants and then cast your vote!!

CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC BELOW TO VOTE or Click this link – VOTE HERE. Other finalists in this category are just amazing – Shauna Ahern, Garrett McCord, Allison Parker.. wow!!


MY SITE:  LIFE OF SPICE and the essay is “Does a recipe need to be complicated to be good!”  Please vote NOW!! Voting ends MAY 12th. You have to be based in the US and be registered on the site to vote and also, only one vote per person!

For friends voting from overseas: Here is what the magazine says, “We’re aware that our registration system currently only recognizes the USA and Canada, and we’re working on fixing that. For now, international voters should select USA or Canada as their country, and proceed from there. Once we update the system (which may take some time), they may go in and modify their profiles if they wish.”

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  1. I’m not based in the US, 🙁 but I would love to vote for you. For the timebeing, I will just settle with wishing you all the best. Hope you win this….I love your blog.

  2. Sorry Monica, I hadn’t read the para on how to vote from overseas before leaving you a comment. I have logged on to the website n’ have voted for you. All the Best!

  3. Fantastic, so happy for you. Eager to go read and vote.

  4. I’ve been watching and I already voted for Monica in the Best Culinary Essay where she was nominated before she posted this. Interestingly I nominated Monica for a different culinary essay than the one she was nominated for. To be honest, while I like “Does a Recipe Need to be Complicated to be Good,” I think the one I chose, Why I Don’t Cook for My Parents, is more compelling. Oh well, it’s an honor to be nominated and I hope Monica wins the competition. If not, I know she’s a winner with her readers.

  5. Voted for you Monica. You are such an inspiration and I loved your Food Writing Course also.

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