When I was growing up, Femina was possibly one of my most favorite Indian magazines. I used to read it from cover to cover and love all the stories, the clothes, everything. I am so pleased and so honored to be a part of Femina’s Dec 15th issue. I hope you will like this story:

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  1. Hi Monica,

    I just wait to read your blog. While reading your write-up’s I always relate myself to you, it’s so amazing that you seem to write my unspoken words. Reading today’s post, you have written all that’s scattered around in my mind, my thoughts, my passion, the only difference seems to be that I have not yet started on food writing and am stuck in the rut of comfort zone, not daring to venture out, the only reason that prevented me signing up for your lessons.

    Looking forward to more inspiration from you !


  2. You are very kind. Thank you so much. I hope you will sign up for the class. You have nothing to lose! You will have two weeks to drop out if you dont like it. And on the bright side, you may like it and learn something new! Happy 2012!

  3. I really like your writing in this article. It has an honesty of a child.

    Take care and Best wishes.

  4. Yes Monica, I have just signed up for the class…Looking forward to a brighter 2012 🙂 Thanks a ton !

  5. Beautiful writeup! You never fail to inspire us, Monica! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I read and re-read this article Monica. Such honesty in those words. Cooking and later photography happened to me just by chance and now they have become a way of life. I have no grandmas or uncles to boast about who cook fabulously. and my mother is an awesome cook in her own stride.
    I, for one love to experiment and try my best to connect with food. Guess, am finding my purpose still.


  7. Dear Monica! Congratulations for your wonderful writing! I was really moved by what you wrote, because cooking indeed is a way of sharing, communicating, touching others through your cooking talent; going beyond, writing also makes you share, communicate, touch others, even if they´re miles away from you! So, not only you approximate people near to you through making them feel pleasure with your food and recipes, but also your WORDS AND EMOTIONS make a fabulous “dish” which can travel around the world! Thank you very much for this beautiful text! I was delighted reading the focus you showed and the emotions you expressed through your writing. Kind regards, Betina

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