If you want to learn anything about writing, read everything by GILT TASTE editor Francis Lam. He is one amazing writer and a really insightful editor. I am so honored that I was able to write for him at GILT TASTE.

My first story for them focuses on tradition– what they mean and how to make them your own. Specifically, it focuses on the Indian fasting tradition of Karva Chauth. I hope you will read and leave your feedback!

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  1. Got me thinking about other food related traditions, not related to any festival or occasion in particular. I was just going thru your book again, reading about the part where the rotis were ‘crushed’ by dadimaa.. little , possibly quirky, but yet endearing food related traditions, fading away into the background. Would be a wonderful thing to chronicle these.

  2. I agree Frances Lam is awesome writer, he’s witty, insightful and always hits the mark with excellent commentary on whatever subject he’s writing on. Always enjoy getting your notices, then reading your post, find your Gilt Taste article offers an excellent glimpse into cultural rituals of weddings.

  3. What a beautiful piece, Monica. Fasting love transformed to feasting love! Thank you for sharing this slice of your fascinating life with us.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate them so much!

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