I am not really sure how to express what I feel. A few months ago, I spoke at Yale on food writing and now I am going to be a guest speaker (for an evening) at Georgetown University speaking with a group of journalism students on food writing. I am so thrilled that food writing is getting recognized by such great institutions.  And on a personal level, this still seems unreal to me. When I was applying to graduate schools, these colleges seemed so out of reach – too expensive and demanding credentials that I could only dream of. I filled applications and then never sent them in. 

Finally, I got my nerve up and applied and graduated from George Washington University.. which I love and adore. .. I never did get to Georgetown.. until now. 

Today, I feel very fulfilled. As if the Universe is giving me a message. I am listening and trying to internalize it: Dont give up on your dreams. There are many ways to make them come true…. They may not come true on your time and schedule but if you believe deep enough, the Universe has a way of making things come true… The mechanics of the implementation of dreams are out of our control… all we can do is create the vision and the dream. And then the toughest part: believe that it will happen and take actions towards it. All the time keeping the power of the dream alive. 

Okay.. now I will go drink some coffee so that I sound a bit more coherent and not like a sap!

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  1. hi monica, i’ve been visiting your blog for the last few months and really enjoyed your posts and book. congratulations!

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