A few weeks ago, I was invited by Cook’n With Class, a cooking school based in Monmartre, to come over and learn how to make French food. You will read about that glorious experience in a story I am working on. But, first: I wanted to share a really fun technique that I learned. This technique taught me how to make fail-proof poached eggs!

So here we go: Place plastic wrap (that is safe for cooking) over a ramekin. Drizzle a few drops of oil, salt and pepper into the plastic wrap. Now break an egg inside the ramekin. Pull up the sides of the wrap, push with your fingers to remove all the air and tie it up with a knot (see below). Now, place the wrapped egg into a pan of boiling water (set over medium heat) and cook for about three minutes. And it is done! You will have a poached egg with NO MESS. Oh, the last photo shows how we served it: over seasoned and sauteed bell peppers and topped with pan-fried walnut bread.

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