I have always been a fan of Dorie Greenspan's work. A few years ago, when I had just started out writing about food, I remember calling her for some advice. I was nervous, I was scared and I was very anxious. I did not know Dorie personall but friends had put us in touch. If I say she was kind, i would be doing her a dis-service – she was inspiring and yet so gentle with me. She urged me to continue to write, offered so much advice on how to handle the freelance world and gave me a shoulder when I really needed one. ANd then earlier this year, she was one of the people who participated in a cook-a-thon for my new book, Modern Spice. I felt like I had come a full circle. I would like to publicly thank her for her encouragement and support. Dorie – you are the best. THANK YOU.

Dorie prepared the Saffron Coconut Macaroons from Modern Spice. Here are some thoughts from her (taken from her website) and a photo of the finished dish that she sent to me –

"Monica's macaroons are soft, sweet and surprising – at least they were to me, since I'd never used saffron and cardamom together in a dessert.  In fact, I don't think I'd ever used saffron for a sweet.  The recipe is exceedingly simple and, as I found out, forgiving. "

Monica's macaroons_1

You can read her entire post here.

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  1. Monica, I am so touched by your overwhelmingly kind and generous letter. I did nothing for you; you, with your grace, charm, knowledge and talent, did everything. xoDorie

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