What are you selling?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. For many folks, especially those in marketing and business, this post may be a no-brainer and for that I apologize. But for many of us, especially writers, I think this warrants some thinking. I am not a marketing person and not a strategist, this is just meant to be a post to get you thinking about your work in a different way:


Disney doesn’t just sell theme park adventures or “things” – they sell memories

Martha Stewart doesn’t just sell magazines or “things” – she sells perfection (or the appearance of a picture perfect life)

Oprah doesn’t just sell her show or magazines – she sells spiritual thinking

Charmin doesn’t just sell toilet paper – they sell softness

Mercedes Benz doesn’t just sell cars – they sell luxury

State Farm doesn’t just sell insurance – they sell assurance

Nike doesn’t just sell shoes – they sell performance

Anthony Bourdain doesn’t just sell TV shows — he sells adventures, longings and, to me, visions of a dream job!!

Michael Rulman doesn’t just sell cookbooks – he sells his immense knowledge and teachings.

Ina Garten doesn’t just sell cookbooks – she sells comfort

Kim Kardashian- well, I can’t figure that one out. LOL

(You may think these brands are selling something different from the way I view them, and that is fine. The point here is to see what the brand is really about)

Now, before you take on a single new writing assignment or write one more word, think about what it is that you are selling. If you know what you are selling, it is easier to focus and create a strategy to move forward. If you don’t know what you are selling, you will be all over the board and come 2013, will be wondering why you did not make work progress in 2012.

Post your comments here and tell me what you think you are selling or want to sell as a writer. I will pick a winner from the list and send you a copy of my new e-book “In Conversation with Exceptional Women.”

This is an important exercise for anyone who is working on defining themselves. There are no wrong answers but these are important answers and remember – things will change as you grow. But it is good to have a starting point.. a point where you can see what you are selling and how to get work around that point so that you can grow your platform and your influence.

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