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Creative Culture – Cooking Light June 2005

"Yogurt has remained a key ingredient in Indian kitchens for 5,000 years and is used everyday by cooks as a meat tenderizer, a souring agent and a base for curries. Dusted with cumin, steeped with saffron or shicked with ginger, this protien rich dairy product stars in an array of savory dishes that translate well in Western kitchens………." Pick up the June 2005 issue of Cooking Light for the piece.

Recipes featured are —

1. Tandoori Style Cauliflower

2. Eggplant with a Spinach Yogurt sauce

3. Yogurt Cheese

4. Saffron Marinated Chicken skewers

5. Curd Rice

6. Spiced Salmon Kebabs

7. Bengali FIsh Curry

8. Indian Cabbage Salad

9. Walnut yogurt dip

10. Pineapple Raita.

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