I am so thrilled to report that this past Sunday, Printers Row, a literary journal owned by the Chicago Tribune, ran a story on seven notable food writers to watch. The story was penned by the super talented Bill Daley and features several writers including me! I am honored to be in the same company and Virginia Willis (I know, wow) and the brilliant Jess Tompson.  (The story is NOT online yet. I am hoping to get a print copy soon!!). The seven writers are: Monica Bhide, Dave Bridges, Michael Procopio, Leela Punyaratabandhu, Jess Thomson, Michael W. Twitty, Virginia Willis

Recipes from 7 food writers on downloadable “cards.” interviewed them for Bill Daley’s piece in the Printers Row Journal: “Dishing about food writing: Out of a crowded field, seven writers you should know.”

Several of the writers featured are scheduled to chat online with Bill Daley this coming Thursday and hope you all will join us. Included will be Monica Bhide, David Bridges, Michael Procopio, Michael W. Twitty, Virginia Willis. And two others interviewed in the story, literary agent and publicist Lisa Ekus and David Leite of Leite’s Culinaria. Looking forward to a lively chat – and hope you’ll join in the discussion!

Here is some information on the Tweet chat: “The chat will take place atnoon on April 5. Follow along by going to tweetchat.com, signing in, and entering the hashtag #PRJChat. The food writers will be discussing cooking, writing and the future of food journalism.”

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  1. Kendra Bailey Morris

    This is fantastic, Monica. Congrats!!


  2. There are so many people in your industry. What an honor to be selected. Congratulations!

  3. Fabulous, well deserved news!

  4. Not a big surprise…why wouldn’t they include YOU 🙂
    You’re the best! Congrats~

  5. GREAT news!!! KUDOS!

  6. Cream always rises to the top, especially among food writers.

  7. Fabulous! So well deserved!!!

  8. Yes! Wonderful! And congratulations! ~Meredith

  9. Wow wow wow! I’m absolutely delighted for you! So well deserved.

  10. Why am I not surprised? We expect great things from and for you.

  11. Excellent news, Monica! Can’t say that I’m the least bit surprised! You work hard, pay attention to details, don’t hesitate when it comes to asking for an introduction or help, and are equally fast to help your peers. Being on this list isn’t luck. You’ve made your luck!

    All best, and here’s to your future —

  12. SO fantastic Monica! Congrats!

  13. That is so fantastic!! You must be so happy. Congratulations!!

  14. Congratulations, Monica, that’s wonderful!

  15. Well deserved Monica, congrats!

  16. some intelligent publisher might want to pick up dave bridges masterpiece and get it done before someone else does. from the rooter to the tooter. genius.

  17. Congratulations, Monica! This is so exciting! You deserve it.

  18. Congratulations, Monica! What an honor for you! I’m so thrilled you’re on this list . It’s so well-deserved! So happy for you, my friend!

  19. Congratulations! Good writing, good food.

  20. I enjoyed reading through your post and in a way has learnt lot from your writing. congrats !This is such a great news

  21. Congratulations. Validation of something those who know you already knew.

  22. Proud of you and happy for you. And not one bit surprised. Looking forward to the tweet thang. But I have to find out the time zone for the time-designation of noon. I”m thinking it’s Central Daylight Time, since Mr. Daley is based in Chicago, but not sure. I’ll find out and be in the tweet-crowd, saying “I Know Her!!!”

  23. Monica, I am really excited for you! Well deserved, my friend! And what a great company surrounds you (LOVE Michael Procopio:)!

  24. Awesome. Congratulations Monica. 🙂


  25. How exciting! Congratulations on the well deserved inclusion and thanks for taking Indian cuisine to new heights.

  26. Thanks to a tweet from Lisa Ekus I found out about it and got in on the tweet chat. Fabulous! You were all wonderful and made some great points.

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