This month, it is such a pleasure to feature cardamom as the spice of the month. I am, of course, a huge fan of the spice.

If you want to know about my love affair with the spice, that in turn inspired a love affair that is still going strong, read my story on cardamom here.

In partnership with the gracious folks at, we are giving away a box full of cardamom to one lucky winner! Enter now to be added to the list! Leave a comment here and then tell your friends about this giveaway by FB, Twitter, in person or by email!

We will announce a winner on April 30th at 4:00 pm est.

You MUST try this amazing cardamom cake by David Lebovitz. It is really terrific!

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  1. I have to confess that I’ve never used cardamom. Would like to though!


  2. Oh even i have a huge love affair with this spice!!! I add this to curries, rice, desserts, tea and even to my little one’s porridge. Would love to have that cardamom 🙂

  3. Cardomon makes food delicious. I’m so glad I’ve learned to use in my recipes.

  4. Highly informative and Excellent as always. The love for cardamom really is a childhood affair. In my case in South India an early morning visit to the temple is mandatory and I used to go for drinking the water scented with cardamom, kapur(edible champhor) and tulsi. Feels refreshing and divine.

  5. laviza shariff (eclectic gourmet)

    I am actually out of cardamom, so need to get restocked!
    I like to add it to my green tea, or eat one if I have an upset stomach (a desi thing learned from my Mom)

  6. I make a vanilla chai cheesecake with a crust of vanilla wafers and cardamom. Ohhhh….

  7. I love it for chai!

  8. I love cardamom, too. I use it to spice up plain sugar cookies, in gingerbread, and of course, chai. People are always asking me what the “extra flavour” is in the gingerbread – it’s universally liked – and so I tell them. Even children like the cardamom seasoned sugar cookies, and they disappear faster than plain ones ever do. (It was in cookies brought in by a coworker that I first fell in love with the spice.) I have plans to try my hand at some of the many Scandinavian baked goods that use it as a flavouring.

  9. I love to grind it myself! Today I’m making cardamom & almond cookies for the bake for Japan sale. LOVE this spice.

  10. I love cardamom in chai and in baked goods but would love to experiment with it in other dishes.

  11. Love cardamom tea

  12. I had never tried cardamom until a couple of months ago, when I took a cooking class, I now LOVE it! Esp. in my Kheer!!! 🙂

  13. I will share this on FB! Thanks!

  14. I will share this on Twitter. I love cardamom!

  15. I have to try that recipe soon but need some cardamon!

  16. Cardamon is my new favorite spice! I just recently started cooking with it. I can not believe I have not cooked with it before. It really is such a beautiful spice to include with sweet and savory dishes.
    Take care,

  17. Would love to try, don’t think i have before

  18. Love Cardamom! Wish more teas still used it but really have to look now.

    1. At Christmas time Celestual Teas comes out with holiday flavors with Cardamom.

  19. I have a wonderful recipe for Cardamom bread! I love cardamom!

  20. You guys are great! Cardamom would go great in our spice collection, as we love love to cook and create!

  21. We make a scone with cardamom then put fresh berries, top with whipped cream with a touch of cardamom and orange zest..

  22. I have a niece that when she was about 3-4 was studying India in Sunday School, so my sister decided to take her to an Indanisian buffet to learn about the food and culture. Being raised with Scandavian culture, my niece was extactic when we got to the dessert and she yelled out Boulle, a Scandanavial sweet bread flavored with cardamom. (A taste she was familier with) A spice that is truely used around the world in many different cultures.

  23. The Indian equivalent of Vanilla… & I most certainly do not mean it in the bland way!!

  24. Growing up in the caribbean, I have been introduced to many different flavors. Indian cusine has always been one of my favorites…cardamon is definitely a delightful spice!

  25. You really appreciate food when you have to work a little harder for it. Getting all of those little black seeds out of the cardamom pods is hard, but definitely worth it!

  26. I loved reading your article. I love cardamom coffee too. Brought back memories of India. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I would love to win some cardamom! There are so many delicious uses for it.

  28. I have just recently discovered the versatility of cardamom. I used it in some Indian dishes, added it to Turkish coffee, as is the custom in Lebanon, and made chai:)
    I cannot wait to explore more ideas:)

  29. I love cardamom, and would really like to win this Giveaway!
    I like to put Cardamom in my rice pudding. When I make this for friends and family, everyone asks about the unusual spicing of such a bland dessert. It really makes a wonderful difference!

  30. I hope I’m eligible to enter this Giveaway as I live overseas….

  31. This Giveaway has been mentioned on Facebook!

  32. I made crock pot steel cut oats last week and my husband said it was the best batch I had ever made… “what did you put in there?” he asked. I told him the only thing I can think that he would notice was the addition of ground cardamom – gave it that little punch of flavor. 🙂

  33. Cardamom is my absolutely favorite spice. I am amazed how well it pairs with different beverages. I recently purchased some Ethiopian coffee with cardamom from a spice shop in Breckenridge Co. Wow.

  34. Ever since a friend turned me on to a sweet/savory/spicy cranberry chutney that contains cardamom, I find excuses to use it. Chocolate cake, mulled cider, chai… I tend to use it for for sweet things, but I should start working in experimenting with more savory things.

  35. Cardamom is an amazing spice that in need to use more often. I’ll spread the word on Twitter.

  36. oh I love cardamom!! I especially love it in anything baked during the fall months. I also love the smell of it toasting on my stove before being ground in my mortar and pestle for my homemade chai tea mix. Did I mention I love it with lemon too?!

  37. I love cardamon! I use it in an old (1935) recipe for the original Girl Scout cookies people would bake at home and then sell.

  38. The winner is Nicky@dirtymartinis. please email me for your cardamom!

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