“A Life of Spice by Monica Bhide. Part memoir, part ode to eating, this sweet collection of remembrances and musings would make a great gift for foodies or anyone who’s simply a fan of good writing.”
“A Life of Spice” by Monica Bhide (self-published, $10.99) – I need to preface this one by saying that I was a pupil at one of this engineer-turned-food-writer’s coaching sessions a couple of years ago and her savvy, upbeat mentoring was enormously buoying. This book of essays is assembled from pieces on her blog and stories she has written for national and international magazines, covering a range of topics — culture, family, love, identity, faith and writing — all of it liberally interspersed with short profiles of common spices like sage and fennel. Much of it funny and poignant, Bhide’s sixth book paints pictures of her relationship with her two sons, tells the tale of her father’s escape from Multan during the Partition of India, and reveals every cook’s insecurities in essays like “Why We Are Afraid to Cook,” a tale of the terror of making pad Thai.”
(Thanks to Ana Borray for the gorgeous photo)


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