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Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken
(Bodes Well Publishing, 2016)

Raised by Buddhist monks in Delhi after his mother’s untimely and tragic death, Eshaan sets out on the challenging quest to feed and nourish the hungry so they do not suffer her same fate. His attempts to achieve this monumental goal are constantly thwarted. And when his former girlfriend returns from Europe with a handsome fiancé in tow, his life becomes even more complicated.

A sliver of hope appears in the form of a local TV cooking competition. Winning would offer the solution to all his problems: money for his mission and the chance to impress the girl he loves. But to win this competition, Eshaan first must face a secret that has the potential to destroy his life and his dreams.

Can a young life that has been defined by a crisis ever really thrive? Will Eshaan’s pain-filled spirit ever hear the songs of salvation that the Universe sings for him, or will his demons ultimately win?

Celebrated food writer Monica Bhide dishes up a page-turning story of sacrifice, determination, and an honest exploration of the human spirit. Set in contemporary India and seasoned with gentle love, dramatic loss, enchanting poetic verse, and exotic food, Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken will take you to a place where past and present keep uneasy yet delicious company.

The cover photograph is by the talented and award-winning photographer, Simi Jois.



The past and present mingle in this charming story about the healing power of food.

Washington Independent Review of Books

In “Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken” she successfully turns her talents to the task of writing a consistently compelling and unfailingly entertaining novel, demonstrating her literary skills with deftly crafted and memorable characters embedded a carefully constructed storyline of unexpected twists and surprising turns.

Midwest Book Review

Smell and taste your way through India while rooting for the protagonist to find a way to fill his hunger. When you put it down, find ways of reaching the hungry where you live.

Edible Orlando

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