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I have been making the rounds with books clubs reading my book, The Devil in Us, and I just tell you how wonderful it has been! To see the characters come alive and people talk about them…. I never imagined I would be so lucky!!

So I thought I would create a little spiel on why you should invite me to your book club!! I have done in-person appearances, on the phone and via Skype (see pics below).

Here goes:

A storyteller, dreamer, Clooney-fan, Nutella-lover, wine-drinker, spice whisperer, nail-polish nerd, and geeky author is available for your next book club! She brings stories and gifts. Won’t you please consider her for your next book club?

Order The Devil in Us now – ebook or paperback



Here are some photos from local and national book clubs I have been lucky to be invited to –

Order The Devil in Us now – ebook or paperback

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IMG_1919 IMG_1837 IMG_1838


Order The Devil in Us now – ebook or paperback

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