I am over the moon! One of my most favorite cookbook authors and teachers cooked from Modern Spice – Andrea Nguyen made the Kumquat and Mango chutney with Onion seeds and served it with Chile Pea Puffs. You have got to visit her site to read her post and learn about her experience. I am so honored!

(This was originally intended to be a part of the virtual dinner party (see below) but due to techinical difficulties on my part, i could not get the post up in time.. sorry!!)

What did she think of them? For the Chile Pea Puffs – "Heavenly"

And the chutney — " I love Indian chutneys and Monica's kumquat and mango chutney offers a marvelous fruity sweet-tart-pungent note to foods. In making it, I discovered canned mango and now have not just a new chutney to enjoy but a new ingredient to explore. What more can you ask for in a cookbook?"

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  1. Monica, everywhere I turn on the web there is an article or a post mentioning your book, delicious recipes, etc…

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