I have great respect for Alimentum and one of my goals has always been to be able to see my name in that journal. Well, I did see my name there tonite but not in the way I had been thinking about. I got an email from a friend telling me that they had (GULP) reviewed Modern Spice. What an honor.

Here is an amazing and in-depth review of the book and as always, I picked a line that I loved and I hope you will too —

"Monica Bhide’s newest cookbook, Modern Spice, is a cookbook that should be read from beginning to end. From a love affair with chaat masala to using peapods to teach her son how to read Hindi, Bhide shows us that the cookbook is not confined to recipes and instructions. For her, food is a kind of literary device that has the power to deepen your senses both on and off the plate."

Read more here.

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