I do so many posts about teas that I sometimes forget to mention how much I love coffee. I really like artisan coffees and one in particular is – Buona Caffe. It is a roast-on-demand artisan coffee company. And is owned and operated by John and Pat Curry in Augusta, GA. I really love their coffee and I think you will too!

Why I like them: the coffee is fresh roasted and they really use the best beans. I like my coffee strong and aromatic and these guys fit the bill to a tee!

I spoke to writer Pat Curry about how and why they starting roasting coffee. “We got started roasting coffee as a hobby a few years ago. We started with a hot air popcorn popper (I don’t recommend it!) and then we went to an iRoast tabletop roaster. We had so many friends ask if they could buy it, we finally bought a one-pound Sonafresco sample roaster on eBay and started Buona Caffe Artisan Roasted Coffee. Buona Caffe means “good coffee” in Italian, and our motto is “Good things happen over good coffee”!
Coffee is best when it’s fresh, so from the beginning, we wanted the company to be about the freshest possible coffee – we don’t roast until we get an order,” she told me.

And their price point is  – “We also wanted to keep the price at a point where it would be accessible to lots of people. We sell all our coffee for $11 per 12-ounce bag, except our Haitian Bleu, which is $13.50.
We also wanted the company to be about more than just making money. If you go on our website, you’ll see info about our cause, Children’s Safe Drinking Water. Every bag of coffee someone buys saves lives by providing clean drinking water in a developing country.”

I lived this photo Pat Curry posted on FB. It is their friend’s new born baby alongside a bag of coffee. I love both! 🙂

(Photo used with permission from Kathryn Filipiak)

I hope you will try them. Click on their FB page for more info.

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  1. I like this! I haven’t heard much about artisan coffee. This is so informative. Will go find them on FB and read more. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Monica, thanks so much for spreading the word about artisan-roasted coffee! We’re so glad you’re enjoying your coffee. Betty Ann, I’ll be happy to provide you with information and resources on artisan coffee. We’re members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Their magazine, Roast, is fabulous! There also are several excellent blogs out there.
      And of course, we’d love to introduce you to our coffee. We ship nationally priority mail, so the coffee arrives as quickly as possible!

  2. I have never heard of artisan coffee! Roasted to order. Sounds very interesting~

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