I tampered with a childhood recipe for tandoori chicken. It felt like I was tampering with my memories. Did it work? Was it a disaster? Read all about it in my essay on the topic in the July/August issue of AARP -The magazine. .. now on newsstands. Recipe for my "modified" tandoori chicken is included. 

Many of you have written to ask which tandoori chicken blend I would recommend, so here you go – this one is my favorite. 

You can now read the story online – here  I would LOVE your comments. 


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  1. I read your Tandoori Chicken recipe in AARP magazine. It looks wonderful, but how or where do I get Tandoori spice mix? Is there a brand you prefer? I’m looking forward to trying this recipe. Thanks

  2. I tried this recipe and like it a lot. I have often made tandoori style chicken, also on the grill. I followed the recipe on the tandoori mix package, which I was able to buy where we previously lived (Twin Cities, MN). But your version I like better because: 1)the skinned chicken thighs are just the right size, 2) leaving them over night in the refrigerator in the marinate makes them extra tender, 3)diluting the yoghurt with water makes for a better coating.
    Where I live now, in Southern OR, I could not find the mix, nor fenugreek leaves. So made my own mix from faint memory of package contents with curry, turmeric, cardamon and fenugreek seeds, paperika and salt and peper and a dash sugar. Turned out real good but I’m looking for a proper recipe.

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