DC has been rainy and dull and really dreary for the past few weeks and the weather has taken a toll on my mood! I really felt I needed some cheering up and so I decided to spend sometime investigating some new places to dine.

1. Cafe Mozu – Located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Cafe Mozu was a delight for lunch. A friend and I sat (sipping their pomegranate champagne of course) at a table with a large window overlooking the Jefferson Memorial and some gorgeous cherry blossom teas along the waterfront. Their service is very attentive. I loved their sea bass while my friend could not stop raving about their Cherry Blossom Bento box. It had, among other things, amazing white asparagus soup, wagyu beef  an amazing fried filet of hapuku with oyster mushrooms, bok choy, and sweet and sour sauce, and a cherry blossom crème brulee. Be sure to save room for dessert while you are here!

2. Cafe Du Parc – I loved the bustling energy in this cafe located adjacent to and part of the Willard Hotel. I really enjoyed their tapas appetizer with mussels in a vinegary marinade and spicy glazed chicken wings. I have to say that their capucchino was excellent (and actually served hot as opposed to many places where it is served very lukewarm and quickly cools to taste like cold water with flavor!)  I noticed they had some outdoor seating as well. I cannot wait to go back here and enjoy their lovely madelines and coffee under a hot DC sun.

3. Oya – It has been many years since I have eaten at Oya and I am sorry I waited that long. SOme friends and I shared a memorable meal at the chic restaurant. What made it memorable — some fine wine (served with pride and gusto by Andrew Stover), lovely entrees like a perfectly cooked seabass and a sinful bread pudding, a glittering white fireplace warming us all night and great company. I just loved this place.  (Oh, dont forget to try their signature cocktails prepared with soju – a Korean spirit prepared from sweet potaotes. )

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