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Powered by Hope: Failing

In January 2014, I complete ten years of following my dream to become a writer. In January 2004, I changed from a full-time consulting job that paid six-figures, to live my dream of becoming a writer. These ten years have taught me a lot about life, the need for tenacity, the value of support systems, the lessons of failure and so much more. My last ten years, spent in the pursuit of my dream, have been POWERED BY HOPE.

POWERED BY HOPE is my new, one-year long digital storytelling project. It is FREE to subscribers. This digital project focuses on sharing what I have learned. I am hoping that as I make my “mess my message,” I can help other people pursue their goals and dreams. Each week, readers will get a story that is intended to be motivational but mostly to get people thinking. Mondays, they will get a story, and on Fridays, they will be able to interact with me LIVE on Facebook as we discuss the topic at hand, like the one below.

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My attempt at creative writing was not accepted in my high school. My English teacher, God bless her heart, never paid much attention to me except for the F (or what amounted to an F) she gave me once. I had written an essay on a spring morning but it was not the “traditional spring morning” as she wanted. She wanted an essay filled with springtime flowers, joy, the magnificence of Mother Nature. Instead, mine was on a spring in war-torn land—blood, guts and no glory. She was not impressed. I managed to pass the class when the Vice Principal intervened and changed the grade and I got an A. But she did not ever let me forget that F.

I have to admit that that failing grade stayed with me. I wanted to write but something about that grade haunted me as I grew up. What if she was right? What if I was wrong? Was I a dark writer that no one would want to read?

Fast-forward 20 years. I quit my engineering job to become a food writer. Within 24 months of quitting I had stories in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Food & Wine and other prestigious magazines. I had found the strength to prove to her and more importantly to myself that I was not an F when it came to writing.

Are you allowing a haunting memory to hold you back? I hope you will reconsider. No one can predict the future. Don’t let someone’s nasty words define yours.


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  1. armymum says:

    needed to hear this today…

  2. I can’t imagine why some people would say that this article is about a losing attitude. I think it’s very positive. We should not get stuck on one road when there are so many paths to choose from. I plan on taking every opportunity that arises. We all should learn to do what makes us happy. If our first choice doesn’t happen as we plan, then something better is waiting just around the corner.

    As my dad used to say, “Be glad you got that flat tire on the highway because is just may have stopped you from a worse fate.”

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