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The Someday Speech podcast

The Someday Speech has been one of the most popular posts on my site. It has gained really inspired readers to follow their dreams and so many folks have encouraged me to follow mine.

So now, here it is in audio. I am told by the few who have heard this that the audio version is very inspiring.

PODCAST HERE —->>>>> I would really love your feedback. Do listen and let me know what you think…

Important question — Do you want more audio from me?

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  1. Ramin Ganeshram says:

    Really loved it! I loved it the first time too but hearing your voice and the emphasis that comes from being a messenger with a strong message was priceless. I probably will keep playing it over and over when I need that “swift kick in the behind”!

  2. It’s wonderful! It was great hearing both your voice and message — very clear, strong, and certain. You’ve really motivated me to just feel the fear and do it anyway. Onward! Thank you, Monica :).

  3. It’s just perfect,Monica! Loved listening to you…you sounded a lot different than what I thought you would when I see your pictures :-) Oh don’t be alarmed, I have this thing going on in my head about how each person,who I’ve never met in person, might sound/look like :)

    Great going!

  4. Great job, Monica!

  5. I’m so happy I came across this right now. I resort to the someday speech so often as an excuse to wriggle out of a situation. You caught me. Thank you for reiterating this as a podcast. I love it! I look forward to more podcasts from you.

  6. YES. you had me laughing at the end, just because of the way you emphasized the last couple of sentences!

  7. Lovely! Just listened to it and I have to tell you – very inspiring, indeed! And yay, finally got to hear you! :)

  8. I really appreciate your kind comments and encouragement. Look for more podcasts coming up and I hope that they will be helpful!

  9. I’ve just returned from my birth land – Guyana – where I had to rush to over the weekend due to the sudden death of a beloved cousin, young, vibrant and not ill who walked into a hospital, lay on a bed and was dead in 20 minutes! I came back to B’dos renewed that I was not going to put off anything for tomorrow… I hear your first podcast and am even more determined to get on with it! No more someday speech. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

  10. Keep on talking. It’s great, it works. I listened to you, even though I already read the post; I already wrote in to sign up on your blog, to turn off the “not yet/don’t have xy or z yet/how could I possibly?” radio station that plays in my head if I don’t watch out. And I’m already getting some small sweet results from the moves I’ve made since then into the Do It Now! territory. But I needed to hear the message again, today in particular. It works, love hearing you speak the words, more podcasts, please from MB.

  11. Marilyn says:

    I too enjoyed hearing your voice and look forward to hearing more podcasts but hope you’ll keep writing too!

  12. dn saigal says:

    It is indeed very inspiring and very interesting

  13. christy says:

    I am listening to u for first time, what a depth in ur voice.Each word is so true and is like wht we all go thru.Someday i will do it.. i dont have have time.. i am not so talented and so on!MB this is the best and only someday speech i ever heard!I in my back head had a dream and am still sleeping on it… What a positive vibe…….Thanks MB!I had a laugh off on ur movie example.. that makes it sure that men and women think so differently.

  14. That was brilliant…!

  15. This is as close to an answer to a prayer as it gets today… you’ve no idea how much listening to this sound byte perks me up in the midst of the gloomy mumbai monsoon!

  16. loved it!! You are very right, someday never comes!!!

  17. What? Only 3 minutes 16 seconds? I need more – both the advice as well as the kick on my behind. I’m guilty of all the reasons (excuses).
    The most important answer to your most important question: yes, y-e-s, YES, more audio podcast needed : )

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