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Join the movement of Hope!


In January 2014, I complete ten years of following my dream to become a writer. In Jan 2004, I changed from a full-time consulting job that paid six-figures, to live my dream of becoming a writer. These ten years have taught me a lot about life, the need for tenacity, the value of support systems, the lessons of failure and so much more. My last ten years, spent in the pursuit of my dream, have been POWERED BY HOPE.

POWERED BY HOPE is my new, one-year long digital storytelling project. It is FREE to subscribers. This digital project focuses on sharing what I have learned. I am hoping that as I make my “mess my message,” I can help other people pursue their goals and dreams. Each week, readers will get a story that is intended to be motivational.. but mostly to get people thinking. Mondays, they will get a story, and on Fridays, they will be able to interact with me LIVE on Facebook as we discuss the topic at hand.

Here’s the link to subscribe to my newsletter . The digital storytelling newsletter launches on January 6th 2014.

I hope you will sign up. I would be so honored to have your support.

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  1. Lovely idea, Monica, and I wish you well on the journey ahead. Will look forward to future posts!

  2. Thank you, Monica. I really look forward to this.

  3. Sounds wonderful Monica! Best of luck (and I look forward to it)!

  4. Wonderful idea! I left a six-figure sales/project management job to go to culinary school in 2010, and began my dream of writing only 2 years ago. I’m early on the learning curve, and loving every day of it. I’m looking forward to your newsletters!

  5. Fabulous idea, Monica!

  6. congrats.. Good luck!

  7. Thanks so much, Monica, for so generously sharing your experiences and wisdom. I, too, am embarking on a new journey towards food writing. I look forward to learning much from you!


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