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Moong Dal Medallions


I learned this recipe at the Park Hotel in Bangalore. Chef Rajiv Vimal was kind enough to give me demo of the recipe as well. In fact, he set up a special demo station outside (second photo below) to give us a demo. It is super easy. The recipe, as you will see, is in […]

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Rice and Peas


Basmati Rice and Peas – A match made in heaven I have been meaning to start posting some recipes with photos so finally, here it is. This is one of our family favorites. It showcases how easy it is to use spices and how a single spice can add such accent and depth to a […]

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Potatoes with Curry Leaf Inserts!


Potatoes with Curry Leaf Inserts I learned a version of this recipe from Dan Barber and soon it became a favorite in our house but with several differences: he uses sage and I turn to curry leaves. He uses paprika, I am partial to chaat masala.  I just love the simplicity of this recipe. Yes, […]

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Curry Leaf Chutney


My mother-in-law submitted this recipe to a contest in Mumbai, competing with 80 other women, and won first prize. This dry chutney can be used as a spread for bread or a topping for whipped salted yogurt or sprinkled on warm rice. Sala Kannan, thanks for the great shot   Makes about 1 cup 1 […]

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Chef Art Smith’s Hummingbird cake

Hummingbird Buttercake

Sometimes you just have to indulge your sweet-tooth. This cake is a big hit in our house! Simple and delicious.   Art Smith’s Hummingbird Cake Created by Chef Art Smith and recipe used with permission from Chef Art Smith   This cake is one of the most requested desserts at Art Smith’s Chicago restaurant, Table […]

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Basil Coconut Mango Shooters


  This simple delightful recipe is as easy as it is flexible: dont have mangoes? Add ripe peaches. Dont like papaya? Add some melon. It is just delightful. I add some pineapple occasionally for an extra zing! And, of course, when I make it for the kids, I nix the rum Papaya, Mango, Basil Shooters […]

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Shrimp in a Saree


When Delhi-based food lover, Atul Sikand invited me to join his food lover’s FB page – Sikandalous Cuisine – I have to admit I hesitated for a minute. Why? Well, I have been writing about Indian food for ten years now and had not heard of a cuisine in India called Sikandalous. I Googled and […]

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Pumpkin Spice Kalkal Cookie


At seventeen, when I was living in a semi-cloistered convent in south India, I got my first taste of Christmas. A Hindu by birth, I had spent my whole life until then in the Muslim Middle East and had yet to experience a true Christmas. As a boarder at the convent, I observed that year-round the nuns […]