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Yogurt Drink with Cumin


Chaas (also called mattha) is a savory dairy drink enjoyed all over India. In this instance, it is made by thinning yogurt with a little bit of water. This recipe was adapted from one by Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal. Sala Kannan, thanks for a great shot   Makes 4 servings 3 cups Greek-style yogurt 1 cup water […]

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Summer Yogurt Sauce

yogurt sauce

If you know anything about me, you know that I love to make simple dishes that are flavorful and dont need a ton of “fussing”. Here is a simple dish using yogurt that can really add a lovely touch to a summer bbq. If you dont have lemon extract, just use the zest of one […]

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Yogurt, without the fuss


Here is my simple recipe for home-made yogurt. Make it, love it, own it. Thanks to Sala Kannan for this photo   Bring about 1 quart of milk to a boil. You can do this on the stove top or in the microwave. Remove from the heat and pour the milk from the pot into […]

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Chickpea Burgers


Adapted from “The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery,” by Rebecca Katz with Mat Edelson (Celestial Arts, 2009). These chickpea burgers are similar to a Middle Eastern falafel. But the Americanized version of falafel usually resembles carnival food: they’re often deep-fried. Here the secret ingredient is basmati rice, which holds the […]

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Watermelon and Raisin salad


Watermelon and Raisin Salad (Serves 2) I love fresh watermelon and this simple dressing makes it a perfect addition to a salad! For the dressing: 3/4 teaspoon toasted cumin, ground 1 teaspoon minced ginger 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon champagne vinegar or red wine vinegar 1 teaspoon honey 2 cups mixed greens […]

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Mango Granita


This year my book, Modern Spice, celebrates five years! In honor of the book, I will be posting a few recipes over the year. This is a light and fresh dessert.. a perfect summer treat!    Photo of dish courtesy of Lisa Lawless Mango Champagne Granita – recipe is in the book. Would you buy the […]

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Spiced Popcorn Shrimp


This is a take on my mother’s potato fritters. I have tasted hers, but she has never tasted this alternative that I created. This dish is best served as soon as it is made. The fritters will lose their crispness with reheating. Makes 4 servings 1 pound medium shrimp, tail off and deveined 1 teaspoon […]

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Lychee Salad


This year my book, Modern Spice, celebrates five years! In honor of the book, I will be posting a few recipes over the year. This is a light and fresh side with grilled chicken!     (Photo of salad by Sala Kannan ) Make this salad when you feel like something sweet for lunch. It takes a few […]

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Green Beans with Pine nuts


Executive Chef Hemant Oberoi is corporate chef for Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and grand executive chef of Taj Mahal Palace &  Tower, the luxury chain’s flagship property in Mumbai. At the helm of all things culinary at Taj Mahal Palace & Tower since 1986, Chef Oberoi oversees India’s highest-revenue producing food and beverage operation. […]